Well-being into the Nature

At asTara we promote the integral well-being of the person, facilitating the improvement of health, self-knowledge and the re-connection with nature

Our approach is based on experiential work, through practices that develop autonomy in emotional, physical and nutritional management, with the aim of enjoying a conscious and healthy life

Our Activities

forest bathing forest therapy

Forest Bathing
& Therapy

mindfulness meditation

& Meditation

body awareness nature mindfulness wellbeing


Forest Bathing and Therapy

Connect with nature in a different and conscious way

This activity allows you to connect with calm and creativity through nature, and live it from a completely different perspective.

It helps to relieve stress and find inner peace through exercises and lessons that will make you feel the forest in a way you would never have imagined.

Mindfulness and Meditation

Train your attention and achieve balance and mental calm
mindfulness meditation

Disconnect the autopilot from your day-to-day life, deepening a state of consciousness that provides clarity and helps reduce stress and anxiety levels and thus respond more effectively and resiliently to daily challenges.

Regular practice provides direct advantages in personal relationships and communication, and improves the management of changes or adversity that may arise in life, focusing on mindfulness.  

Body Awareness

Connect with your body and learn to listen to it
yoga body awareness txi kung

We will work with the energy flowing within us and you will be able to experience an improvement in your mood, feeling your body relaxed and in balance, which will allow you to enjoy your stay in harmony.

Our Proposals

Half Morning Experience

2,5 – 3 hours duration

Forest Bathing
Body Awareness + Mindfulness & Meditation
30,00€ per person

Morning Experience

4 – 4,5 hours duration

Forest Bathing + Body awareness
Forest Bathing + Mindfulness & Meditation
50,00€ per person

Full Day Experience​

4,5h morning activities + 1,5h afternoon activity

Forest Bathing
+ Body awareness
+ Mindfulness & Meditation
65,00€ per person



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Phone: +34 616.187.032 / 647.580.141

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